Liliana Zapata

Born in 1985 in La Paz, Bolivia. Based in Canary Islands, Spain.
Zapata is interested in the structure of objects/materialities responding to the conditions of their surroundings. Her projects include sculpture, drawing, video, actions and installations; creating works in constant dialogue amongst the micro and the macro, the organic and the inanimate, human and territory. She uses fragile materials that require an intimate implication, placing value on the “making” as part of the intellectual process of her practice.
Her most recent exhibitions reflect the theme of “the house,” and include: RE[HABITAR] in Montecarmelo Culture Center (2017; Santiago, Chile) and the Bolivian National Museum of Art in the context of the International SIART Biennial (2018; La Paz, Bolivia). WASICHAKUY with the Francis Naranjo Foundation in the Mata Castle (2020; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain). TENTAYAPE La última morada, at the La Regenta Art Center (2021; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain).

Tentayape. La última morada [Tentayape. Our Last Home],