Iku Watanabe


Born in 1989, Japan.

Focusing on how to create architecture and space as narratives or phenomena through the ways of architectural design, historical research, curation and collaboration with multiple artists. Inspirations from historical memory, theory of image, cinema, photography, novel, history itself and so on.

After graduating from Kyoto University, completed postgraduate studies in architecture at Kyoto University Graduate School. Working at the New Material Research Laboratory, led by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, from 2018 to 2020. Currently an Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts.

Major works and exhibitions include “Kiyoharu Art Colony Ryukyu Stage” at Kiyoharu Art Colony (2022; Yamanashi, Japan), Tea Room “Baudrillard’n,” Gallery hiromiyoshii (2021; Tokyo) and Assistant Curator of Symbiosis, Japan House São Paulo (2021; Brazil).

Gaku Inoue


Born in 1989 in Japan.

Co-organizer of GROUP, an architectural collective that focuses on the interconnectedness of architecture, art, politics, labor, and urban history, and develops critical activities through exhibitions. Through architectural projects, GROUP aims to create a place where people with different specialties can collaborate tentatively and continuously.
Major works include the design and construction of the exterior of Arata Isozaki’s early residence “Shinjuku White House,” into the new art space “Garden beside Shinjuku White House” and “Ebina Art Freeway,” a renovation of a 30-year-old row house by collecting and collaging the traces of daily life that remain there.
Major solo exhibitions include TEIRE / Repair, WHITEHOUSE (2021; Tokyo, Japan), and group exhibitions such as Nokemono, 3331 Chiyoda (2021; Tokyo).