Elena Tutatchikova

Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1984. Currently based in Kyoto.

Tutatchikova focuses her interest on the connection between the imagination, walking, and storytelling, as well as on the relationship between nature and man throughout different regions. With the help of local residents, she approaches different lands as veritable resources of history, language, imagination and thought. Her exhibited work comes in the form of installations using video, photography, text, and drawings.
After studying classical music and Japanese literature in Moscow, Tutatchikova moved to Japan in 2012, where she finished her master’s and doctor’s degrees in Fine Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts.
In 2016, she published her first artist book, “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound” (torch press, Tokyo).
Her latest exhibitions include solo shows Days With the Wind, Takamatsu Artist-In-Residence(2021; Megijima Island, Kagawa, Japan), The Path Across the Peninsula (2018; Shiretoko peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan), On Teto’s Trail, Gallery Trax (2017; Yamanashi, Japan); group shows FACES, SCAI PIRAMIDE (2021; Tokyo, Japan), Land and Beyond, POLA Museum Annex (2021; Tokyo, Japan) and Kenpoku Art (2016; Ibaraki, Japan).


「Footpaths: Moscow, June, 2021」
インスタントフィルム 9点