Born in 1995 in Kagawa, Japan. Based in Tokyo, Japan.

Ono, after spending eight years in art school, is now a second-year salaryman in Tokyo and a subpar YouTuber, feeling the gaze of god through the act of pilgrimage as a method of self-help. Major works include Tsunami of Tomorrow, which attempts to revive the lost eyes of god by drones based on tsunami forecast data, and documentary film series, Himalayan Unclimbed Mountain Expedition, Kamchatka Unclimbed Mountain Expedition and Longest Source of the Nile Expedition, produced by the Expedition Club.
While yet to hold a solo exhibition, his films has been used for television shows including “CRAZY JOURNEY” (TBS, Japan), and “Numa ni hematite kiitemita” (‘I got hooked and then asked’) (NHK, Japan).
Ono studied painting at the Musashino Art University (Tokyo, Japan), before graduate studies at the Department of Intermedia Arts at the Tokyo University of Arts (Tokyo, Japan).

Tsunami of Tomorrow, Kanji Ono, 2020