Chloe Paré

Born in 1996 in Athens, Greece. Based in Tokyo, Japan.

Experimenting with different ways in which interactivity integrates into contemporary sculpture, Chloe Paré creates workshops, installations and art books that are activated by tactility and movement. Her artworks often gravitate towards paper as a medium due to its lightness, accessibility and transformability.
Chloe Paré has realized numerous artistic workshops and solo installations, amongst others in collaboration with the School of Architecture NTUA (2019; Athens, Greece) and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (2018; Berlin, Germany). She has been part of several research programs and residencies including “Occupy Atopos” at Atopos CVC (2020; Athens, Greece) and “visions4people – Artistic Research Meets Psychiatry” (2017; Berlin, Germany). She has presented her work in group exhibitions in Greece, Germany, and Japan.

Arche, 2021, laser-cut paper 81.5 g/m2, dimensions variable