HATRA + Synflux

The collaboration began with “AUBIK,” the recreation of HATRA’s main product, a hoodie using “Algorithmic Couture ” technology, a zero-waste-pattern-making system developed by Synflux. Following that, they have continued to present works that cross digital data and physical products, such as the “Synthetic Feather” knitwear project. “AUBIK” was exhibited at “Making FASHION Sense” HEK (Haus der elektronischen Künste) (2020; Basel, Switzerland).


A fashion project with a theme of liminal wear, proposing portable, boundary-oriented, spatial clothing since 2010. In recent years, they have been experimenting with new forms of bodily expression using digital technology such as 3D cross simulation.


Synflux is a speculative fashion laboratory of fashion designers, machine learning engineers, web designers, design researchers, architects and service designers. We work as a contemplative design collective that crosses over seemingly conflicting concepts of research and practice, expression and implementation, prototyping and contemplation, and technology and craft to create the fashion of the next generation. With a focus on researching Algorithmic Couture, a design system that utilizes machine learning algorithms, and the development of WORTH, a customization platform for post-prêt-à-porter, advanced technologies such as AI and digital fabrication, and the history of fashion have become the focus of our research. Implementing products, services and systems that critically blend the skills of the craft that have been cultivated.

Synthetic Feather