Takeshi Honda


Born in 1958 in Yamaguchi, Japan. Based in Iwate, Japan.
After three months of traveling across Europe in his 20s, he decided to settle in the town of Tono, Iwate Prefecture and follow the tradition of black and white landscape paintings. He started using charcoal pencils for his works on paper. His representative works entitled Walking in the Mountains have been produced since the beginning of 1990s. He would sometimes spend more than ten hours for walking in the mountains of Tono. Honda stresses that this wandering is closely tied to his artistic practice. The light he encounters during these walks has become a subject of his elaborate works, which sometimes measure nearly eight meters in length.
His works have been exhibited in international venues, including Iwate Museum of Art(2002, 2006, 2013; Japan), Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto(2003; Japan), Minneapolis Institute of Arts(2000; USA), and The Drawing Center (1999; New York, USA).