Founded in 2018 in Paris and Lausanne, France

Klima is a magazine whose main goal is to confront academic research and contemporary artistic creation. Klima gives a voice to conscious, creative and singular individuals in order to reflect an era and its questioning, while revealing the multidisciplinary nature of the artistic, activist and academic milieus. Aware of the political urgency of our time, they intend to inscribe themselves in the current cultural climate by questioning its stakes and its new forms of utopias, by taking research and art as spaces of deliberation of the contemporary itself. Klima is an annual print magazine. Each issue proposes a collective reflection based on a theme specific to each issue. The issue is organized around an article written by a doctoral student. Klima wishes to bring together in the same space different disciplines, insisting on their transversal aspects. Thus, meetings and artistic proposals are articulated in a rhizomic way around the main article.

Annual print and bilingual magazine.
FORMAT : 290 X 205 MM