Formed in 2012 as a unit to reharmonize and perform Japanese children’s songs. They released “Iroawase” in 2015 with John McEntire, George Tandelo, and Seigen Ono as producers, all of whom the members respected and were fans of, to pursue making music we want to hear. In 2016, they produced “Yusan” with the writing by Naruyoshi Kikuchi. In 2019, they created “Mado Michio Medley” for NHK’s famous songs album. From April 2021 to March 2022, they have released 13 songs every month in “Songs of KOYOMI,” and more than 30 guest musicians participated, including guest vocalists such as Mimori Yusa, Saho Terao, Yukari Yamazaki (Kuki Koudan) and Tomomi Oda.

“Ueno Forest Concert”

Date: Saturday, May 28, 17:00-18:00 / Sunday, May 29, 14:00-15:00Venue: Geidai Art Museum 1F entranceAdmission: FreePerformer: KiwokuzaPlayers: Eri Ishiyama (Vo), Chie Ito (Cho), Keito Noro (Cho),Yoshiro Atsumi (Ba), Suguru Kamesaka (Gt), Wataru Shoji (Key), Shunya Gomi (Dr)