Shu Isaka


Born in Nara in 1990.

While researching imperceptible phenomena in the natural environment and human activities in response to them, Isaka creates works in a realm that crosses scientific knowledge and narrative imagination. Using video footage from fieldwork, 3DCG and VR, and his own observation devices as props, he explores a specific storytelling method as Post-essay film.

Recent group exhibitions include Open Space 2021 New Flatland, NTT InterCommunicationCenter (2021; Tokyo), “Synthetic Mediart 2021 “Dilema(rt), Huashan 1914 (2021; Taipei, Taiwan), Ukranian Biennale of Digital and Media Art (2021; Kiev), Distorted Abduction, Kodama Gallery / Tennoz(2021; Tokyo), Synthetic Mediart 2019, EcoARK(2019; Taipei).
Major solo exhibitions include The Spandrel, Utoriya(2021; Tokyo) and Periodic Lull, Token Art Center (2020; Tokyo).
From 2019, he organizes and implements the art project “Intersection of Universes” with artist Benjamin Efrati.

Photo courtesy: ICC

Rehabitable Zone
real-time rendering video