Aki Nagasaka


Born 1980 in Osaka, Japan. Based in Hokkaido, Japan, and Hong Kong.
Aki Nagasaka is a researcher, artist, and storyteller. She is interested in learning stories/histories and wisdom/skills, which are residing in specific individuals and communities, through personal encounters, research, and collaboration. She uses various forms of storytelling to convey her learnings: voices and worldviews of marginalized beings and questions towards ill-functioning social, political, and ecological systems and urges others to think together about how we can bring about changes through our everyday thinking and practice.
Her recent exhibitions include: Times of Crisis, MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (2021; Bologna, Italy), Arts & Routes, Akita Museum of Modern Art (2020; Akita, Japan), To the Kamuy-Wakka, To the Spring of Eukaryotes, Contemporary Art Institute CAI02 (2018; Sapporo, Japan), and Quatro Elementos, Galeria Municipal do Porto (2017; Porto, Portugal).

Photo: Yuico Taiya

Autonomous Island

Photo: Giorgio Bianchi, Comune di Bologna
Courtesy: Istituzione Bologna Musei